Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brush Up on Your Conversational Japanese!

Want to brush up on your conversational Japanese? Here’s a class for you!

Join us for Japanese 10B in Fall 2012 (starting August 16th) at City College of San Francisco.

Japanese 10B
Second semester course. Continuation of oral practice of structure and vocabulary of spoken Japanese. Emphasis is on Japanese cultural aspects.

12:30-2:00 Tuesday & Thursday
From August 16th (Thursday) to December 13th (Thursday)
Tuition: $46 per semester unit ($138 for this 3-unit class)

Textbook:  Japanese for Busy People I. Revised 3rd Edition, 2006 (comes with a CD.) Romanized version. (A kana version is also available if you prefer that). Lessons 13 – 25. Publisher: Kodansha International.
Click HERE for more info.

Content Covered:

Compliments (giving and receiving)
Expressing gratitude (making a telephone call)
Offering to help someone/accepting or rejecting someone’s offer
Talking about plans
Making a request (to give directions)
Talking about transportation and travel times
Asking permission
Being warned or advised
Talking about what you are doing now
Responding to an inquiry
Being introduced to someone
Socializing at a party

How to sign up for this class: 

(If you are a new student, you need to register with CCSF first)

1.    Registering with CCSF. Submit your online application. You don’t need to take a placement test to take Japanese 10B. Web registration for new students: 7/23-8/13)

 After clicking HERE, click on “online application.”

2.   Enrolling in Japanese 10B  (after registering with CCSF)
Go to “My CCSF” and click on “Web4,” Log in and click on “Student Services & Financial Aid & EOPS,” and click on “Registration.” The Japanese 10B class information is HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: After 8/14, please come to the class directly to obtain an "add code."
CCSF Ocean Campus
50 Phelan Avenue, Art 210
San Francisco

Etsuko Wright

Email: ewright AT ccsf.edu

Note: You may have heard rumors that CCSF is closing. Be assured that CCSF is operating as normal and will offer an expanded fall schedule of language classes! Classes will carry credit and transfer as usual and enrollment is underway now. Our experienced language faculty will welcome you back to the courses of your choice in one of the best language programs in California.